Sada bezdrôtových mikrofónov HT823

Veľmi kvalitná sada, 2ks bezdrôtové mikrofóny ručné the t.bone freeU Twin HT 823 alebo 863.

2-Channel UHF Wireless System with Handheld Transmitter
Frequency band: 823 - 832 MHz
Dynamic capsule
Directivity: Super-cardioid
Frequency range: 50 - 16,000 Hz
10 Preprogrammed frequency groups, each with 10 channels
Auto squelch
Frequency scanning at the receiver
Adjustable AF out
30 mW transmitter power
Infrared transmission setting from the receiver to the transmitter
Pilot tone
80 kHz frequency grid
Modulation type F3E
2x BNC connection for antennas
2x XLR output
1x Jack output (mono summed)
Operates on 12V 1A DC power supply (+ inside)
Dynamic hand-held transmitter with metal housing and LC display
Optional antenna converter: Art.177448 (not included)
Hand-held transmitter with 2 x AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
9.5"/ 1U housing
Includes microphone holder, antennas, EU power supply unit, rack kit for mounting a receiver on 1U housing
Note: In this frequency band a maximum of 2 systems (4 channels in total) can be operated simultaneously.

359.00 €